Not related to Kennaleo but related to traveling since Kennaleo loves to travel!

Yoooooo peeps! Kennaleo is still around. I’ve had some interesting times and fortunately recovered well from the surgery I had back in August. I am throwing this post here until I can figure out where to put it. Many people know I am an avid traveler and have been working on finding flight deals on a regular basis. On my personal Facebook page, I posted a lot of information about finding travel deals that I will share with you guys. Some of the references might not make sense but if not, oh well….do your research! I will update this often!


HERE IT IS: (Originally drafted on Dec. 5, 2014)

Hey boo, this was my status today and someone asked me to post it here in tribe. I am not the expert but this should help someone. I will update as much as I can.

-Kenna aka Tribe Cheerleader

THE TRAVEL STATUS OF THE DAY: Many of you are asking me how am I posting all these delicious travel deals. Well, because I am actually a pretty cheap and thrifty individual. I am all about saving money and getting a good deal. Everyday I comb through some of the travel deal websites and see if any of these deals work for me. The key to all of this is to be FLEXIBLE. If you have too many restrictions this isn’t going to work for you boo….might as well give up now honey. Here we go…

STEP 1: Anyway, there is a website simply referred as the ITA matrix. ITA matrix is like that boo you should probably marry but he or she might be a little complicated at first….lol…ITA matrix allows you to put in flight plans and research their prices over several time periods. It will also show you airlines to book with and flight paths. You cannot book from the ITA matrix but it is a very good tool to use and there are many tutorials out there. ITA matrix is here:

STEP 2: You have to check some of the best websites out there daily like the following sites

and plenty others out there but these are enough to make you head spin…DAILY….

STEP 3: A lot of deals will come from cities you don’t live in….so what…figure out how to get to the other fly out city cheaply whether that is megabus, greyhound, Amtrak, Uber, you drive, book a cheap ticket on Southwest or the evil Spirit, etc…JUST BOOK IT…I live 60 miles away from LAX so I just drive it….

STEP 4: If you see a deal you want, do not wait around asking your friends if they want to go…..BOOK DAT ISHT right away. I booked Brazil on Monday for $424..On Wednesday it was $1568. Plus be aware some of these places require a visa but just be prepared to pay that fee…speaking of visas my boy Addison put this website together that lets you know what places you need a visa for. Some places you need a visa for before arrival..other places you can get it when you land.

STEP 5: Some of you are flying and not racking up flight points…what is wrong with you??? I just booked a first class ticket to Memphis for February using my points…how much did it cost me.. $5.60 You fly all of these airlines so you might as well get credit for it. Sign up for their program and if you want, sign up for their credit cards (only if you are fiscally responsible). Chase Sapphire Preferred and Barclays Card are killing it out there in the travel game. Also other cards like the American Advantage card plus Delta American Express can be your best friends if you travel a lot.

STEP 6: I wasn’t going to tell you all but I guess I’ll let the monkey out……most of my domestic trips…I DIDN’T PAY FOR THEM…I’ve been everywhere for free..New York, Memphis, etc and I didn’t have to okie dokie with the captain either!!! LOL..seriously, you all know I am the self proclaimed #VoucherQueenand I do believe in giving up my seat on flights so I can get flight credits to fly for free later on. I try this on every flight if I can. Many of you know I’m a hustler…do not let my California zip code fool you. I’m from Memphis baby.

STEP 7: Feel free to ask me questions but I’m going to ask you if you have done your homework i.e. looked at all the websites, looked at the ITA matrix, looked for deals, found ways to get to other cities etc.

STEP 8: Travel is affordable and there are many ways to do this. Cheap hotels/hostels, booking your own itinerary instead of these prepackaged plans, eating the local food, traveling in the low season, etc.

EDIT 1: Stopovers…..ohhh ohhh Kenna I wanna see the world….lol…anyway the stopover lets you see another city for basically either free or for a few dollars more. When I am pricing out tickets for international flights, I typically to see who has the cheapest flights then I look at the airlines websites to see can I do a stop over. In October I had a flight from Los Angeles to Johannesburg, South Africa. The stop point was in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. What I did was priced out the flight and it was about $1240 or so…then I did the multi city option and put myself in Dubai for 4 days at the tail end of the trip…turned out to be $1268…ended up seeing two countries for the price of one. I’ve done this before doing LAX to India and stopping in London, England before. Earlier this year I did India again but a stop in Germany but I had stuff to do…I have Brazil next year and my stopover is Lima, Peru. You guys need to maximize on this. Another thing I will do is book a ticket somewhere say Los Angeles to Johannesburg then I will book tickets on local carriers for cheap to go other places like Cape Town, Victoria Falls, etc…

EDIT 2: is your friend…if you know the dates you can be gone but don’t know where to go, put in your location and leave the destination blank…google flights will show you a lot of flight prices for places you can go. If you are feeling good, click GET LUCKY.

I hope this helps someone today.

EDIT 3: is my new lover….finding KILLER DEALS THERE!

EDIT 4: Deals maven is decent…  also been great too. also good.

EDIT 4: The Points Guy put out the 10 best cheap airfare sites and I am happy to know I’ve used all of them!

EDIT 5: Travel Pirates is new to me but the deals seem to be good

EDIT 6: Discovered this one called however to get deals from your city, add in your airport code, this one is mine: so change LAX to ORD, JFK, AUH or wherever you are flying out of.

Almost that time…BROIDS REMOVAL!!!!!!!!


Ladies and gents…gents and’s almost that time to get those ‘broids out! Yes, those lovely, luscious bits of fibroids will be removed in just two days. I am more than ready to get these life sucking suckas out of my system! This is not my first ride at the rodeo as I’ve had a similar surgery a few years ago.

I am thankful for a great set of friends that will be taking care of me while I am home resting for the next few weeks. I’m looking forward to getting back into the gym when I heal up as I still have aspirations to do that competition next year. I WILL GET IT DONE in 2014 come hell or cold water!

Anyway wish me luck and say a prayer if you can! I love you all and I will try to post when I can! The first few days will be rough but I will make it!!

Mary had a little lamb but Kennaleo had a pig… the ‘broids

Umm…it’s Wednesday, June 4th and Kennaleo/me/I/her/she/it (Ms. Kenna if ya nasty…lol..just kidding on that Janet Jackson reference) is back in full force on my Paleo/Kennaleo plan again. I started on Sunday, June 1st again and shockingly dropped 11 pounds in such a short time period. I’ve increased my water intake, eating foods full of fiber and sticking to lean meats when I can. I had seriously fallen off the wagon the past few months and that weight came back on me like that boyfriend you really need to get rid know what I’m talking about! Ditch him!!!! Get a new boo…a summer boo!! Ok ok..back to the topic here…..

I’ve been trying to make a conscious effort to cook at home when I can. Last night I made some spinach with garlic and crushed red peppers along with some chicken breast pieces cooked in italian seasonings and fresh rosemary. I am not much of a cook but I try at times. I even made something deadly last night. I lightly fried up a green banana in olive oil and added just a smidgen of salt on the slices. Talk about heaven and I would say it’s Paleo but don’t make this a habit…’s something I tried in Panama that was oh so good.

In reference to the Mary had a little lamb and Kennaleo had a pig, everyone knows Paleo eaters consume a lot of meat and somehow my preference is for the caviar of the South (sorry, not fried chicken love) know..PORK!! In the past few days I’ve consumed some ribs without bbq sauce which were delectable plus the uncured bacon slices at Whole Foods make waking up a beautiful thing. I will probably either severely limit my pork intake but for now, well perhaps later on. I do eat other meats such as chicken and fish. I rarely consume beef only because it’s just not my preference.

Many of you know June 1st was the date I had planned to go hardcore with my competition training. Well I did restart my Paleo but as you know, life loves to hand out little pauses that sometimes screw up your plans. In February I ended up doing a series of iron infusions because I was a cold hearted…ok, I wasn’t cold-hearted but my iron level was so low I was always icy and frigid. In March I did some scans and I found out I have fibroids which I call the ‘broids and a cyst which I call “cyssie”. In May I found out just how big those ‘broids were and apparently based on the size of my uterus, I am in my first trimester about to hit the second’m basically 3 months pregnant with no baby. Back in 2011 I had a myomectomy to remove fibroids and guess what, those mf’s are back and this time they are bigger and they are doing some strange things to my body (hey every girl loves a month with two periods…NOT!!!). I was given 3 options and none are really appeasing to me. Anyway, the options are another myomectomy, partial hysterectomy or a procedure called UFE which is a non-surgical procedure. I also have another issue which is the result of my first surgery which is adhesions. Now….if you don’t know what this is, let me tell you..imagine walking and all of a sudden you can’t move because the scar tissue in your body is tugging at your insides so violently. Yeah….it’s kinda like that. I’m getting that cut out thank God! I’m opting to have a myomectomy again. It took me a long time to make this decision only because I look at my age. I am not getting ANY YOUNGER despite having youthful looks like my mama. The Fountain of Youth is a myth my friends! I do not know if I will ever have children but to take the ability away so soon actually scared me. Plus, who knows what might happen. I might meet a special boo, decide to “ack” right, marry and have a little Kennaleo. It could happen.

Said all of that to say (man, I am venting today!), I am scheduled for surgery in July and I’ll be off the grid in recovery for a while. For the time being, I’ll continue working out, doing my Paleo, being Wonder Woman and all of that. Once I recover, I will be back in the gym getting ready for that competition I said I was going to do.Thank you all in advance for your prayers and well wishes. I love you all.


I am obviously on that stuff….this is this foolishness..

I am obviously on that stuff....this is this foolishness..

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, cats and dogs, pencils and pens and other animate and inanimate objects…..I’ve come to a serious conclusion. Well, I didn’t have to come to it because the scale has showed it!! LOL! AHHHHH…I am OFFICIALLY FAT!! This past month after coming off that vacation I kept a few bad habits and well like bad habits, they like to hang on to you like poop on a shoe (provided you’ve been walking in a cow pasture or in my case, in the streets of India and Nepal!). So, I need to rid myself of the excess I gained in my trips plus the excess I picked up from partying and whatnot. I am not sure why I waited to start partying in my mid to late 30s. Probably because I was married at the time and I guess a bit tied down but that’s another topic on a day where you have unlimited Kennaleo time!

I have made a decision to do something really crazy. This is going to be one of the craziest things I’ve ever made the decision to do in my life. I have always said I do not have a bucket list and I don’t but for the life of me, I want to do this crazy thing. I have been inspired by my girl Michele (yes, Michele with ONE L as she likes to say) to take it to the next level and quit my incessant bullshitting I am sometimes guilty of doing. LOL…although I am still over 100 pounds down, I probably should have reached my real goal a long time ago instead of resting on my laurels (shout out to my Brooklyn homie Simeon) and posting a bunch of old throwback Thursday photos to my facebook page. say..what in heaven’s name is so crazy that I am going to do…well……………………………………………………

I have decided to COMPETE in a competition…yes…a freakin’ bikini/physique competition. Mind you, I am still over 200 pounds (I feel Kidafi’s eyes on me right now) but guess what, I don’t care. I realize I have a lot of work to do. I mean…I like need to lose a lot of weight AGAIN, tone up, start running (Preston..papi I know you are laughing at me right now…lol you know I hate running!), increase my cardio, lift more weights and the most important thing is to seriously clean up the diet.

Lawd Jesus….why why why why did I decide to do this? Well, why not? I think sometimes pushing yourself to do something different will help you get to the goal you need to reach faster because there is motivation and in my case, anything I put money on, I am going to do it. I really don’t have a choice. My start date to go hardcore is June 1st although I will keep on doing some of my original stuff like bootcamp, etc. One major change is I am going to come off of Paleo/Kennaleo to do this. I will be eating a lot of Paleoish meals for sure but there might be the addition of things like whey protein and the likes. The goal is to keep the cleanest most close to natural diet as possible.

I admit this is going to be a slight challenge for me because I travel…A LOT and this is where self discipline will have to come in. I picked June to start as it essentially gives me roughly 7 months to get ready for a potential show I am looking at doing in January 2015. I still cannot believe I just wrote those words down.

I am not even in this to win it. I am doing this to push myself to go to a place I’ve never been. I’m almost 38…I’ve never worn a bikini let along walked across a stage with one on in clear heels. I am obviously HIGH on something and guess what, I like it. I have a lot of work to do and I’ll keep you all updated on what I’m doing.

Regardless of what happens, I will know I’ve done something I never thought I could do and I am already envisioning myself walking across the stage in the heels, wearing some skimpy suit, my theme music playing (I need an upbeat Kem song..inside joke for those that know me…lmao!) and all my essence.

Be sure to follow along with me during this journey. Everyday won’t be happy but it will be a day closer to the journey. Thank you all in advance for rolling with me. I love you boo…all of you.

India, Nepal and a Lonely Bratwurst in Germany…..

India, Nepal and a Lonely Bratwurst in Germany.....

Good evening! Kennaleo is back from this trip but seriously struggling to get good sleep! Came back from this trip heavy as ever due to eating too much and also eating things I shouldn’t! (I’m speaking as KENNA today because I have a few things to say that are important!) I am going to restart my fitness tomorrow so I can get back on track again. I’m puffy from all the salty foods I ate while I was away. I love fruits and veggies but sometimes in overseas travels, it’s not safe to eat these foods as they are often contaminated and sometimes one will get severe food poisoning (someone in our group ate fruits and veggies and needed medical attention). Anyway, today I saw my hemotologist and my regular doctor. As many of you know, I was getting iron infusions. I am happy to report I am almost NORMAL…well…I’ll never be normal. I’m laughing to those of you that know me in real life! My iron level is at 11 and I need to be at 13…considering I was in the 8s, I take this as a good sign. The doctor will check me again in a few weeks to see if I am stabilized. If not, he will order another brief round of 2 infusions which I am ok with.

Now on to other pooey news….I had a CT scan about 3 weeks ago. I have been having this “issue” where my body would kinda cramp up at weird and inopportune times. It happened when I was driving one day and I had to pull over to relax the cramp or what I thought was a cramp. The pain was coming from what seems to be the left side of my abdomen. The results of my CT scan came and today they were revealed…..I HAVE THOSE DAMN FIBROIDS AGAIN….I am thoroughly annoyed. Plus there is a cyst as well. Exactly 3 years ago this month, I went through a ridic surgery to have my fibroids removed and it was supposed to be a laproscopic procedure that went haywire. On the last fibroid removal, the needle broke and the doctor couldn’t find it which caused me to have a freakin’ C-section. Now umm…I joke I have a C-section but no baby. Sucks but that’s life! Anyway, I am going to consult with an OBGYN to see what my options are.

This leads me to a very serious decision. I believe I am going to make the decision to not have children. Shhushhhh…did you just make a statement?? LOL..I called my mom today and talked to her about it. Told her that if this is the decision I make, I am totally ok with that. I wanted kids when I was 25 but haven’t had that desire since then and I am almost 40. I am an Auntie to awesome nieces and nephews. I’m a mom figure to a lot of people in my daily life. On my trip to the Taj Mahal in Agra, I was telling someone that I don’t need to be a physical mother to be a MOTHER….I figure I am a nurturer by design and I suspect this is the role I am supposed to play in life. If this is my life, I accept it for what it is.

(FYI, I was in India and Nepal…the lonely bratwurst was what I ate in the Frankfurt, Germany airport. For videos from my trip, subscribe to my youtube channel loquacious2000)

Here’s a video from my trip…check more on my page…

Old Ironsides….

Old Ironsides....

Welp….life is catching up with me…argh argh! About 2.5 weeks ago, I went to my doctor to get my malaria pills and Cipro for my upcoming trip to India and Nepal. My doctor who I have a love hate relationship with ordered blood work for me since it has been a year since I’ve visited his office. Anyway….I did the required blood work and lo and behold, my hemaglobin level was so low my doctor referred me to a hematologist. Umm..Kenna hates doctors…hates specialists even more! HA! Well my appointment with the hematologist went ok but the specialist is now making me do intravenous iron infusions. Well…I guess….so I am stuck doing these for a week and a half straight but guess what, I will do it! I will keep you all posted on my progress!

Dealing with yourself….take the wheel…take the wheel now..FREE AS A BIRD

Dealing with yourself....take the wheel...take the wheel now..FREE AS A BIRD

First of all, this is going to be one of those “type” of blog posts. I probably won’t edit this one at all because it’s just going to be free flowing here. The title of the post is DEALING WITH YOURSELF. I should have really called this one DEALING WITH YOUR DAMN SELF AND YOUR FUCKED UP WAYS but I am really trying to stop cussing but unfortunately that shit hasn’t panned out yet. Now that I have your attention, I want to talk about some stuff. That picture you see there is from my Divorce Party I had in July 2010. Yes, I had a Divorce Party because after all the crap I went through, I needed a release. If you can see clearly, my sash says FREE AS A BIRD. I had already started my weight loss at this point and had lost like maybe 30 pounds or so. I can’t remember…I do remember being happy about wearing a size 24 dress….anyway, enough about me…here goes the real crust (Paleo crust) of this blog..

This morning someone dear to me contacted me to tell me that they have finally made the admission of being an alcoholic. You know what….I’m really happy for this person because when you can finally come to terms with your shit, you can deal with it. Even for myself as a ever recovering food addict, it’s hard. It really is. Admission is the first step and it’s a sign you are ready to do something about it. The person that contacted me is ready and energized to make this change in their life to go through recovery. They told me how old they will be this year and I said no…as of today, you are 1 day old. This is a new and fresh start for the person and I know they will be much better. Of course they are in those infancy stages now and those urges will be there to drink but I believe with our positive prayers, energy and good vibes I know this person will finally make it over to recovery very soon. FREE IS A BIRD is dedicated to this person today as you are no longer bound by the chain of alcohol. Sure that shit tastes great at times but in reality, look back at your life and see what you missed but you know what love, it’s ok….I know you are reading this and I want you to be encouraged and inspired. Today is your birthday…you’re 1 day old on February 8th, 2014. Let this be a day we celebrate a year from now at your 1 year old birthday party. I don’t eat cake anymore unless it’s Paleo but I might risk it for this.

So to you, I will say..Happy Born Day…this is for know who you are. Continue to push through this period. You have me (Kenna not Kennaleo cause you KNOW ME) and all of my peeps supporting you as you transition into your new life.

You are officially FREE AS A BIRD…